Thursday, 22 October 2015

fresh back from the machine shop
new collar insert, no more leaks
from the selector ;]
pauls small frame cases live again
ants primi
after bending, grinding and a little cutting the door looks almost right,
another stretch on the cards ........
pauls 50
after a lot of filler removal from the previous painter mmmmm
and a bit of hammer action, the test trim looks about in the right place

Sunday, 18 October 2015

with his newly finished
now the joys of setting up the instrumentation .......
simon 152l2
that old mudguard palava again .....

all stripped , bottom image -
which way to go , green pearl , blue pearl ......
darker is better me thinks ....

pauls little blue small door
a little more on the casings ;]
new engine mounts
slight redesign on the rgv
cut, shape and paint next

the orange moves on
in progress radial master, lots of cutting ....